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Hi, I'm Kurt!

Origionally from the island of Malta, I've stepped out of my comfort zone to experience the rest of our weirdly wonderful world first hand. This brought me to Manchester!

Having met some interesting people on my journey so far, I've been able to take some seriously groovy photos.


So...while listening to the tracks I've posted around the site, I invite you to witness reality through my eyes. Enjoy!


Photography and I crossed paths in 2016, while on a trip to Bavaria. Ever since, wherever I've gone my camera has followed. Starting off with my da's old Sony A350, I've had the opportunity to take some incredible photos.

In early 2019 I joined Insquared Photography (a fresh business in the events industry). This work was challenging yet extremely rewarding. It pushed me to travel to different cities all over the UK, attend amazing events and make new connections nationally.

CUT THE BERRY - This project is one I was super excited to see come to life. Thanks to the talented Andre Pirez, I was able to aid the 'People Staring' crew bring his vision to life, through the making of his music video for the single 'Illusion by Confusion' by Cut The Berry. (

Mother Herb - Having always been interested in the benefits of CBD, mushrooms, and all things herbal, I've been working closely with the new start-up Mother Herb as their creative marketing director to produce content for their social media.

MMTV - As my most recent project I have been working along side the MMTV crew in Manchester to record content for them and their talented bands. Currently we are working on a video production for 'Snowdrop' staring Bez from the 'Happy Mondays', I'd recommend you stay tuned!

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